Welcome to the 2 Motivate 4U App.
What can this handy tool do for you?

  1. You can register licenses for firearms, that you currently own and be reminded of the requirement to renew these licenses.
    Licenses need to be renewed 90 days before the expiry date, thereof.
    Thus we will start sending you reminders 120 days before expiry, followed by a reminder every ten days for 20 days.
    Reminders will include: sms- as well as e-mail notifications.

  2. You can easily complete applications for Competencies, Licenses and Renewals, with this tool.
    Use our easy tool to complete all the forms, required by the South African Police, for the relevant application you need to submit. No more battling to figure out where to complete, what.
    Once you have registered your information and made payment for the completed forms, the forms will be sent to you via e-mail, within 72 hours of us receiving payment for use of the service.
    We currently offer eft payment option.

  3. Annual membership is available which will include:
    Membership fees are determined by the number of firearms the member wish to register on the system.
    Our capable staff will register your firearm licenses on our reminder system, upon receipt of clear copies of the front and back of your licenses.
    Bi-monthly newsflash on firearm related issues.
    Annual update communication of your personal firearm register.
    Renewal notifications will be sent to you as the member, as well as our capable staff who will confirm whether you want to proceed with the renewal application.
    The annual membership excludes the completion of any renewal and other firearm license documentation.